Teleseminars & Printable Drawing Exercises

"We must learn to live back and forth between matter space and mind space" - Thane

        • The printable warm-ups, exercises and lessons are one-page pdf documents.
        • The warm-ups and exercises are drawing activities.
        • The Lessons are one-page philosophical statements relating drawing and consciousness.
        • So far, I have created 5 teleseminars, each about one hour in length.
        • The audio recordings (MP3) are available FREE below.

To me, the Artist Within every person opens the door
of our consciousness to a new way of looking at the world. Click to read or print or listen.

Pencils & Perception
Each of these warm-ups and exercises help you draw what you see in the world before you. Each is a 1-page pdf document.
Crayons & Consciousness
These 9 lessons take you into my philosophy of drawing and the therapeutic value of drawing out your feelings. All are pdf.
Ink & Intuition
The 6 lessons here explore the challenges and benefits of listening to your intuition. The two exercises help draw out your intuition in a very open minded way. All are pdf.

Warm-up 1 - Vertical Directions

Lesson 1 - Exploring the Interior Landscape Lesson 10 - The Journey of Unfolding Consciousness
Warm-up 2 - Horizontal Directions Lesson 2 - The Non-dominant Hand Lesson 11 - The Threshold or Liminal Place
Warm-up 3 - Diagonal Directions Lesson 3 - Who needs to draw out their feelings? Lesson 12 - The Value of Not Knowing
Warm-up 4 - Extended Directions Lesson 4 - Trusting your Heart Lesson 13 - Exploring the Right Brain
Warm-up 5 - Intersections Lesson 5 - Unconditional Love Lesson 14 -
Warm-up 6 - Constellations Lesson 6 - Inner Child & Exercise Lesson 15 - Learning DifferencesVisual Thinking
Warm-up 7 - Collisions & Transitions

Lesson 7 - Mother & Exercise

Lesson 16 - How Drawing is like Translating
Exercise 1 - Drawing a Door Lesson 8 - Father & Exercise Exercise 3 - The One-Minute Exercise
Exercise 2 - Drawing a Tree Lesson 9 - Re-Parenting yourself Exercise 4 - Stop, Drop and Feel