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Drawing Classes

Beginning Oil Painting Class

Intermediate Oil Painting Classes

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Beginning Drawing Class
This class lays the foundation for years of drawing enjoyment. Learn the MASTER KEY to draw what you see, be it animal, vegatable or mineral!

Beginners and advanced artists will find benefit in this class if drawing correct proportions are thought of as important. Check out my warm-up drawing exercises. They are our primary focus in this class. We use whatever we can as subjects. Sometimes we stay indoors and work with still life material. Sometimes we go outdoors and draw in natural settings.

Drawing is a universal skill, a language instinct. Drawing increases the ability to pay attention and to communicate ideas.

Five 3-hour classes $150.00
Materials: Sketch book and 2B pencils

Shading & Imagination
Students will learn how to use 10 different graphite pencils and work with the full range of darks and lights to maximize the full range of shading possibilities. Design elements and composition principles teach students how to create drama and depth and how to move the viewers eye around the drawing. Each student will produce a 16x20 drawing.

Your imagination will be fully engaged as you learn and practice these specific techniques.

Five 3-hour classes $150.00
Materials: 18x24 paper and 10-pack pencils

Colored Pencil Drawing Class
This class helps students develop the skill of blending colored pencils to achieve brilliant effects. Students apply what they've learned about seeing and shading in the first two drawing classes. Now they do so with Prismacolor Pencils, exploring exciting design elements, and a range of colors and values. Each student will produce a 16x20 drawing.

Seven 3-hour classes $210.00
Materials: Black Canson Paper and Prismacolor Pencils




Session 1 - Messenger of Beauty
We begin by establishing a foundation to provide the internal ground for our personal journey with oil painting. Russian painter, Nicholas Roerich, regarded beauty as a real motive force in life and we explore this in his video. Also we watch a video by Jill Bolte Taylor, neuro-anatomist who suffered a stroke and tells her experience of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. She asks us to become more open to the right brain. Drawing and painting are activities that require us to work with the right brain. Students will gesso a canvas today.

Session 2 - Navigating Color Space
We watch and discuss the video, "Navigating Color Space", by Robert Gamblin, founder of Gamblin Artist's Colors. We learn about the history of the use of color by the Old Masters, Impressionist Masters and modern masters. Students learn how to lay out their personal palette and begin seven key exercises to learn about color theory, values, tints, shades and color temperature.

Session 3 - Alta Vista Botanical GardensOur class is held on site at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens at the top of Brengle Terrace Park in Vista. Here we learn to use a view finder in establishing a composition for a painting. You will observe a wide variety of vegetation, animal life and expansive views. You will complete Step One in placing your subject on the canvas. Bring your camera.

Session 4, 5, 6 - The Journey
Students will work in these 12 hours to complete their paintings applying all that we have been learning about colors, palettes, values, composition, techniques and more. Demonstrations, lectures, questions and answers and vocabulary clarification take place to help students grasp and apply essential techniques.

Six 4-hour classes $240.00
Materials List:pdf flyer
Locations vary





Six different Intermediate Oil Painting Classes Each Intermediate Oil Painting class is a different focus and consists of ten sessions. Each class integrates oil painting techniques with thoughtful exercises. My intent is to offer oil painting as a legitimate avenue for self discovery as well as a practical guide toward mastery of the medium called oil painting.

Class #1: Mandala - The mandala is a sacred symbol from ancient times and cultures. It represents wholeness. During difficult times, people drew mandalas to remind themselves that back and behind the troubles was a Reality that was Whole, Complete and Perfect. Students will be given a beginning instruction and encouraged to paint intuitively thereafter. Painting a mandala strengthens our ability to use creativity for spiritual benefit. Also, it provides a way to practice some important oil painting techniques such as glazing, scumbling, velatura and more.

Class #2: Old Master Copy - Here is an opportunity to step into the shoes of an Old Master painting from the Renaissance. Students will choose the Old Master painting and study the life of their chosen Old Master. At the end of class, students will prepare a presentation to other students helping them learn about this particular Old Master and his/her life and process.

Class #3: Still Life - Students will construct an arrangement of objects for a still-life painting. Each student will be responsible for their own items and will be asked to choose items that have meaning.

Class #4: Landscape - We'll paint outdoors and from photographs, developing our skill in using oil paint to express our feelings of nature.

Class #5: Self Portrait - Bring a mirror and develop of life-like portrait of yourself.

Class #6: Full Figure - Our model will pose for 1-minute, 5-minute, 10-minute and 30-minute poses in session one. Out of those students will choose a pose for the longer sessions needed to develop an oil painting.

Ten 4-hour classes $400.00. Early bird saves.
Materials List:pdf flyer